Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add better instructions to find my property?

Please add your ///What Three Words location and we'll add that to the DHL or Packfleet system.

What do you need my phone number for?

It’s used for delivery purposes or if we want to double check something about your order with you.

Can I order from outside the UK for delivery in UK?

Yes, but you would have to pay via PayPal as our system only accepts card payments from UK registered cards.

Do you deliver to Ireland/Northern Ireland?

We ship to Northern Ireland, but not to the Republic of Ireland

What are acceptable delivery notes?

Please leave with neighbour at number… ; if out, leave in garage/shed/porch ; please knock loudly

Delivery notes we can’t use?

Please call me a hour before you get here; if out, please leave parcel in bin

Can I specify a delivery time slot?

This is not possible, you can only specify a delivery date. Please be aware that delays can happen and we advise to factor that in when placing orders for special occasions.

Will my fresh items be ok with one day delay?

Yes, they will be. We use excellent insulating packs and ice packs to ensure that fresh items arrive safely at your house, even with one day delay.

What do I do with the wool pouch and icepacks?

You can reuse the icepacks, just refreeze them. The woolpacks can be returned to us, or the wool could be composted, or used for insulating plants in your garden over winter. We would love to hear more creative ideas if you have them.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes, you can place phone orders Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) between 12-4pm on 020 8985 8000.

Do you have an email address?

Yes, it’s

What are the delivery costs?

Please follow this link for detailed delivery info:

Do you have a shop where I can buy stuff?

Yes, we have a warehouse shop which is open 7 days a week between 11am-3pm, for more info click here:

Do you sell fresh white asparagus?

Yes, we sell German asparagus during Spargel season, which runs from mid-April until early June.

Do you still have a shop at Borough Market?

We no longer have our shop in Borough Market but a small selection of our sausages is sold at our sister company’s stall Artisan Foods on Borough Market

Once I placed an order, can I amend my order?

Please order any missing items online and use click and collect at check out to avoid paying for shipping charges again. Make sure you mention your first order number in the comment box and let us know that you want us to add the second order to that first order.

If your order is already being prepared, then we will not be able to add any extra items.

Do you do Saturday deliveries?

No, we currently only offer Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday deliveries.

Are you based in the UK?

Yes, we are located in London.

Do you do special requests/special orders for new items?

We can no longer offer to source specific items in small quantities as a special order, as Brexit changes made that now impossible. However, we do try to listen and will continuously re-evaluate our stock items.

What are Best Before dates?

Best before" dates are about quality, not safety. When the date is passed, it doesn't mean that the food will be harmful, but it might begin to lose its flavour and texture

Can I return an order after I recieved it?

You can return an order within 7days of recieving it (except fresh goods and special offer goods). We would refund those items upon recipt in the warehouse if they are in unopened and in undamaged condition.